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Scrub Brands Breakdown


Scrub ShotHere at Scrubadoo, we realize there are SO many brands of scrubs to choose from that you are probably wondering if it even matters which one you buy. Well, there are some major differences. Many brands differ by sizes, prints, material, cuts, and fit. So here is a scrub brands breakdown of 5 popular varieties so you can discover which one is the best fit for you!


Cherokee is probably the most well-known and largest brand of scrubs. The Cherokee WorkWear line is their most popular line they sell. This line tends to be your basic cuts and styles. There isn’t a lot of flash but they are made to last, priced right, and are always available. You don’t need to worry about finding a scrub you love and it being discontinued a month or two later. Cherokee has a reputation for being consistent and dependable! Cherokee Flexibles are another small Cherokee collection that has stretchy side panels. There isn’t a lot of variety here, but the material is brushed and a little more comfortable then the WorkWear line. The side panels also provide a feature no other brand has.


Gelscrubs is a must have in any medical professional’s closet! What makes Gelscrubs unique is that they are the only brand that produces and sells collegiate team scrubs. Sport your alma mater at work while wearing a set of scrubs that has signature double top-stitching that is virtually indestructible!


WonderWink is relatively new and trend-setting brand that is saying goodbye to traditionally stiff scrubs and hello to chic, streamlined, modern uniforms. WonderWink Scrubs are unique and innovative for five main reasons: the front signature pockets, the fashionable accessories of loop and drawstrings, the secret mesh pockets, and the efficient bungee cord that allows you to stay organized and look great. With three main collections, these comfortable yet stylish scrubs are sure to get you noticed at work.


Barco is another big name in the scrub industry. Their most popular line is their Grey’s Anatomy collection – inspired from the hit TV show. Grey’s Anatomy scrubs are very fitted and it may be wise to order a size bigger just to be safe. Barco scrubs are always in high demand because they combined functionality, with style and comfort!


Since 1889, Carhartt brand has been perfecting their apparel line to bring you hard-working, stain-fighting and moisture-wicking uniforms and scrubs. Even though Carhartt is known for being durable and rugged, their clothing is never heavy or stiff, but always lightweight and comfy! Carhartt offers a range of nursing and medical apparel for both men and women. The specialized fabric, in traditional or relaxed fit, brings you the ultimate softness, wearability and easy-maintenance. Looking for a breezy yet strong stretch fabric that isn’t spandex? Try Carhartt’s new WorkFlex collection, a true innovation in fabric.

When shopping for scrubs, you want to keep a few things in mind: comfort, fit, durability, price and fashion. At, we believe shopping for scrubs shouldn’t be a hassle. Have fun with it and mix up your closet with prints, solids, and collegiate tops. We hope this scrub brands breakdown was helpful. Now the big question remains, which brand compliments your personality the best?


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