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By September 26, 2014 1 Comments

13 Ways to Keep your Scrubs Looking Great

Travel Nurse washing scrubs

Stay so fresh and so clean with these 13 ways to keep your scrubs looking great.

Hi there, it’s Natasha from Tafford. We are so excited that the guys at Travel Nursing Blogs asked us for some advice about keeping scrubs looking great! If you haven’t heard of Tafford, we’ve been selling scrubs since 1986 and are known for the first retailers for selling holiday print scrubs. So you might say we know a thing or two about caring for your scrubs. 🙂

Scrubs are not just the essential nurse’s uniform, they are meant to be clean and sterile at the beginning of each shift for the safety of our patients. Use these tips for 13 ways to keep your scrubs looking great:

  1. Start with high quality scrubs. While it is possible to find scrubs at bargain basement prices, chances are you will get what you pay for. To avoid having scrubs that fade and wear out quickly, purchase a great product to begin with.
  2. For the most convenient and easy care scrubs choose those with a high polyester content. WonderWink 4-Stretch scrubs go from washer to dryer and look great all day long.
  3. Look for scrubs with a soil release finish. The Tafford Essentials Collection offers a durable fabric that will help to make it easier to get that stain out.
  4. Get them off to a good start. When you purchase a new set of scrubs, wash them in cold to warm water with an added ½ cup of vinegar for their first wash. This helps to set the color and help your scrubs last longer
  5. Wash your dark ground prints in color water … the colors will stay vibrant and cheerful for longer.
  6. Keep your scrubs at work. If your scrubs are kept in your locker or cubby at work, you will be less likely to wear them other places where they can pick up stains and germs that should not be brought into a medical facility. Store them in clean plastic bags to be sure that they remain sterile.
  7. Whenever possible hang your scrubs to dry.  This will prevent wrinkles and will keep your scrub looking crisp.
  8. Turn them inside out. When you wash your scrubs, use a sanitizing cycle to disinfect and turn your scrubs inside out to avoid unattractive piling.
  9. Use a hot iron. Not only does this give your scrubs a more professional appearance, it also helps to kill any germs that may remain within the fabric.
  10. 10. Wash scrubs separately from other clothing. Your scrubs require special care, and they are more likely to receive it if they are not thrown in with the rest of your family’s laundry. Depending on what area you work in, combining laundry may not be safe.
  11. 11. Pre-treat stains quickly. Stains are more likely to come out of your scrubs if you soak them in a stain removal solution before washing.  Try using hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, or baking soda. Consider keeping a stain remover pen or stick on h and .
  12. 12. Consider white scrubs. Colors and patterns can be cute, but if your scrubs frequently require stain treatment you may be better off with white. The ability to soak in bleach can be a worthwhile tradeoff.
  13. 13. Inspect before moving to the dryer. Stains will set and become almost impossible to remove if they make their way into the dryer. Inspect your scrubs while wet to confirm that stains are gone before putting into the heat of the dryer.

What are your tricks of the trade? We’d love to hear your scrub care tips in the comments! If you liked these tips, check out Tafford’s blog where we highlight scrubs styles, industry information, and much more.

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About the Author:

Natasha LaBruce is the E-Marketing & Sales Strategist at Tafford Uniforms, a web-based medical scrubs retailer headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is a graduate from University of North Florida where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Minor in French. She enjoys international travel, arts, music, and spending time at the lake.

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  1. Rebecca Tinsley


    Some of these tips are wonderful! I’m always looking for ways to extend the life of my favorite scrubs and am always happy to find new ones! I had no idea that washing my scrubs from without any other articles of clothing would help! Thanks guys!

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