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Where to go on your next travel nursing assignment.


Have you thought about where you’d like to go on your next travel nursing assignment now that summer is fading? Now is the perfect time to pick your next destination to observe the seasons change. The top 5 states in need of nursing help are great examples of places you can either watch the leaves turn from green to gold, or if you would rather place yourself where you want the opposite, there’s that too.

The number one destination for travel nurses is California, with its palm trees, beaches and fair weather as well as its forgotten mountain ranges and redwood forests. The state is so vast that you can place yourself during the fall and winter in places with either snow or s and and sun. With it’s great population comes a great need for healthcare professionals and it is estimated that there will be a need for 291,200 RNs by 2016. That means there will be plenty of opportunity for travel nurses for years to come, so what’s your reason for going?

Coming in at second for states where nursing jobs are available is the great state of Florida. There doesn’t need to be much said about this state as it is obvious in its appeal. Many of the baby boomer generation inhabit the state, and it’s said that about 3 million of its current residents are over the age of 65 and the need for nurses is on a constant rise. The opportunity for travel nurses is great and will only increase over time. So if you’d like to skip the changing of the seasons, might I suggest sunny Florida.

The third state with a great need for nurses is New York. New York has much to offer in way of urban living as well as rural. The northeastern part of the country is at its greatest during the autumn/fall season with its vibrant colors and crisp air which is perfect for outdoor adventures. Of course, there is also New York City, the city that never sleeps. If you can’t find anything of interest to do while on a travel nursing assignment there, well then maybe you had better find a different vocation other than being a traveling nurse.

Coming in at number four for the best opportunities for nurses is surprisingly the state of Ohio. There is an estimated need for 130,920 RNs by the year 2016 and will probably grow to even greater numbers if recruitment of new nurses is not h and led correctly. Ohio rests on the line between being known for it’s midwestern values as well as its urban opportunities. With three major metropolis’ in one state (Clevel and , Columbus and Cincinnati), Ohio would be a wonderful place to take on a travel nursing assignment. There are a number of professional sports teams as well as college and fall is the right time to enjoy all that Ohio has to offer.

Last, but not least is the state of Pennsylvania. Currently there is a need of about 17,000+ healthcare workers throughout the state, ranging from nursing to CNA’s. Pennsylvania like Ohio shares in the industrious mentality. Cities like Pittsburgh and especially Philadelphia are loaded with historical treasures. For a history buff, taking a travel nursing assignment there would enable one to explore the deep roots of this great country. So what are you waiting for?

All these states share one important fact, they are in need of great traveling nurses like yourself. Of course, it’s not just these 5 that are suffering from the nursing shortage. The chances are numerous for a travel nurse, just ask your career consultant where you can go to help alleviate the shortage.

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