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Take your travel nursing experience further and go abroad.


Being a travel nurse comes with many great benefits, some you can anticipate and others come as a welcome surprise. There’s no other profession that allows you to do what you love in places that you know you’re going to love, usually. Travel Nursing is typically thought of as taking place here throughout the nation, but did you know you’re able to do something similar, abroad?

Imagine the possibilities as an international Travel Nurse. Forget about visiting the beaches of Florida, what about the beaches of Ibiza or Sydney. Maybe you like Indian food, so how about sitting down to dinner in a casbah somewhere in New Dehli? These scenarios and countless more await you if you choose to become an international Traveling Nurse. Not only can you experience the world and all it has to offer, you’ll be gaining valuable life lessons as well as clinical ones too.

Travel Nursing All Around the World

Spin the globe and point to where you want to take your next job as a Travel Nurse.

It’s no surprise how many options you have if you choose to travel as a Nurse around the world. You can apply to be part of the medical staff for cruise companies, or accompany those who are ill and headed back home or on the way to receive treatment. There are of course many parts around the world without efficient healthcare and you can choose to volunteer your services in countries throughout Africa and Asia. The need for healthcare professionals is a dire one and you should have no problems finding some sort of way to put your expertise to use.

If leaving the country for any long period of time has got you feeling a little queasy, there will always be the trusty ‘ol Travel Nursing job. If you’ve reached your limits working in hospitals, there are still options too. Have you ever considered being a staff nurse for one of the hundreds of kid’s camps across the country? These positions are usually only available during the summer, but that might just be the right amount of time away from the politics and routines of a permanent position. Plus, you’ll be around children all the time and you can’t help but feed off of their energy!

So if you’re looking to take your knowledge to greater lengths, check out these companies and associations who can certainly point you in the right direction, whether it be north, south, east or west. Bon voyage!

Nurses With a Purpose: Use your nursing skills to make a difference for people all over the world through this organization. Volunteer to travel to countries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia and experience healthcare a world away.

Flying Nurses International: Get the chance to travel all over while enjoying sharing your nursing experience through this company. You’ll be set up to escort those who need nursing assistance as they travel, taking them there safely and letting you explore the world.

Dialysis at Sea: If you love the open water and want to get paid for cruising this may be the way to do it. This company provides dialysis services to cruisers so they’ll be healthy while enjoying a vacation. They need nurses specializing in the field onboard, and you could fit the bill.

Mercy Ships: You won’t get paid to work on a Mercy Ships operation, but you will gain a insight into the health issues of other countries and get some great experience while seeing the world. You can sign up for assignments that last anywhere from two weeks to a year.

Vanter Cruise Health Services: Enjoy a Caribbean Cruise while getting paid with jobs through this agency. You’ll be set up with cruise ships in need of medical personnel so you can travel and work at the same time.

Association of Camp Nurses: Want to get away just for the summer? You may be able to with a job as a camp nurse. This association provides loads of info as well as job listings.

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