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By May 16, 2011 1 Comments

Summertime fun for Travel Nurses


I’m sure most of you don’t have all that much time to take an extended vacation, let alone just a couple days off. So what can you do to make sure you get out and enjoy what summer has to offer?

You’d be surprised what all there is to do right in your backyard and surrounding areas if you just do a little research. Taking time to step outdoors to enjoy the ideal summer weather to attending a local festival or fair, there are plenty of ways to make the most of summer—without spending a lot of time or money!

The Great Outdoors

Wherever it is that you live you can find a multitude of activities to get you outside and moving this summer. Make the most of the sunny days ahead cool off by visiting your local pool or waterpark, or, if you want to be a little more active check out a State or National Park that may be nearby and hike some trails or maybe do a little horseback riding.

This time of year is perfect for trying out a new activity or sport. Depending on where you’re located, maybe try your h and at some water sports like water skiing or surfing. You could even look to rent a canoe or kayak too. If you’re l and -locked, why not get yourself a bicycle and hit some local trails, couple that with a few friends and a picnic and you’ve got yourself one fun day!

If you’re more inclined to observe than partake, then see if there are any local sports teams to catch. The summer is chock full of Major League Baseball games as well as Major League Soccer, so see if any teams are close-by and perhaps make a little roadtrip of it. If sports isn’t your bag, check out some local festivals or farmer’s markets. This time of year is also a great time for music lovers as there are a wealth of music festivals and concerts coming up. Check out to see if any of your favorites are coming through your town or to a nearby locale.

If you’d rather keep outdoor activities to a minimum, why not set up lounge chair in the backyard and start a new book. Maybe fire up the grill and have an impromptu BBQ with some close friends. This is what summer is all about!


Summertime camping

Check out local campgrounds in your area for summer fun.

There’s much to do during the summer months and you’d be surprised at just how much your own town has to offer. With gas prices on the rise, staying close home makes more sense than ever and who knows, you just may discover a new love for your hometown. I know when people ask me about the city I live in and what there is to do, I haven’t done probably half of them…So check out the museums and parks and peruse your local rags for weekend events as there seems to be some sort of celebration going on all the time.

Maybe you want to get away, but really can’t afford the time so why not hole up in a local bed & breakfast for the weekend, or check in to a local hotel and enjoy all the amenities it has to offer that you normally wouldn’t have a chance to otherwise. There’s nothing better than being waited on h and and foot. Did somebody order room service?

I know from experience I do not like camping, but will do it if need be, I mean if it’s really, really necessary. I don’t want to explain, but I had an experience as a 5 year old that has stuck with me since. I hear camping with friends is a good time and there are many State and National Parks all around, each offering something unique. If sleeping in a tent doesn’t sound like fun, check out the availability of cabins for rent. While traveling is a big part of summer, you can even look to get a summer rental home. Gather some of your closest friends, pick a good location and voila, you have yourself a summer activity that’s sure to be fun!

Summer is a part of the year I think many people look forward to and it’s the best time to get outside and enjoy yourself. With some careful planning and research, you can keep yourself and your friends busy, all the while having the time of your lives! So get out there and soak up those rays!

About the Author:

Patrick Fuerstenau here. Born in Kentucky, raised in Germany, landed in Nebraska and still here. I've been involved with Marketing and Advertising for over a decade. It all began with an internship at an ad agency in Omaha, followed by a 9 year stint as a graphic artist at the lone major newspaper in Omaha. A friend of mine told me about an opening at her company and said that it was the best gig she's ever had... So I decided to spread my proverbial wings and see what I could do for them and vice versa. So here I am at Medical Solutions as a Marketing Specialist for a great travel nursing company. This by far has been a major blessing in my life. I love the work I get to do just as much as I love the people who make up this fabulous company. I can see myself here for a long time... As long as they'll have me. Now that we've got the career timeline out of the way... Let me tell you a little about who I am. I am oh so passionate about the game of futbol! I've been playing soccer since the age of 8 and am still playing today. If I couldn't at least kick the ball around, I don't know what I would do with myself. I fear getting old. I also have a strong love for the arts... Music, Visual arts, Film, Design... pretty much anything and everything arty. I'm happy go lucky and am always looking to have a good time. Just ask my manager! And I love writing about travel nursing.

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  1. Leah


    Great suggestions for a fun-filled summer, Patrick!
    I too am not the biggest fan of roughing it in a tent.
    My to-do list for summer adventures has officially started…. NOW!

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