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Stay safe as a travel nurse – Latest OSHA Workplace Violence Prevention Guidelines


travel nurseRecently, there has been a lot of discussion regarding safety in hospitals.  As a healthcare professional, you are expected to be aware of current happenings in healthcare settings. 

It is important for you to be aware of these so you can ensure your patient’s safety as well as your own! As a traveling nurse, you may not always be involved in the meetings etc of permanent staff so it is important to keep yourself current. 

If a regulatory agency should come into a facility in which you are working, they will expect you to be versed in the current happenings in healthcare as well as the facility in which you are working.  The following link provides extremely useful information is reviewing items to assist with evaluating how to keep you and others safe in your workplace.

Guidelines for Preventing Workplace Violence for Health Care & Social Service Workers

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My name is Amber and I have held a variety of roles in the almost 11 years I have been a nurse. I have been a Staff Nurse, Infection Control Specialist, Accreditory/Regulatory Specialist and House Supervisor.

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