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By May 11, 2009 0 Comments

Showtime has a new show, "Nurse Jackie." Will you watch?


Apparently I’m a little behind, but I just discovered for myself that the pay cable network Showtime is debuting “Nurse Jackie,” a new show June 8th. If you go to the Showtime site you can watch the trailer for the show as well as a few stories that some nurses share about some their experiences as a nurse.

The net is abuzz over this show and for many a reason, just read what the blog Reality Rounds has to say… She makes some great points and so do those who comment. Check out Emergiblog as well!

As you may have guessed, the stink is over how an ER nurse is being portrayed in the show. It stars Edie Falco as the lead and if you haven’t lived in a cave for the last decade, you should remember her from her award winning performances as Carmela Soprano on the show the Soprano’s. From what I’ve seen in the trailer, it’s your typical formula of one character who st and s up for her colleagues and does and says everything that goes against the grain, but of course with a twist, she’s an painkiller sniffin’ addict. Saint! Sinner! Plus, it’s billed as a comedy, at least by Showtime’s st and ards! All I can say, it’s Hollywood and it’s all about entertainment value.

I hear the complaints and they are all valid. Some say that it does nothing to promote the stature of nurses because they show Nurse Jackie in the closet doing unmentionables and sniffing painkillers and so on. It seems cliche, but I bet you it has happened more than you’d like to believe and that to me is more life like. I’m just saying, we all have our skeletons. It’s Showtime for crying out loud! You think that a pay-TV cable network that has aired controversial shows like “Weeds” and the “L Word” would broadcast a show about a nurse who just does her job well and then goes home to cook supper and maybe take a bike ride? I don’t think so. Who wants to watch that? Has there ever been a show without being a “reality” show, that really shows life as it is? That’s what TV and movies are all about, an escape from reality. Just like one of the nurses who was invited to the screening said, “I wish I had the guts to say the things she says at work.”

Maybe Nurse Jackie’s lifestyle does not mirror that of yours, but there probably are some elements to it that you wish you possessed. Who knows, this show just may inspire nurses to take a st and and get what they deserve, more respect. I’m not trying to take any sides here, like I said I underst and all the grumblings… Believe me, if there were ever a show about my job, I’m sure I’d have plenty to say too! Let’s just wait and watch what unfolds… Are you going to tune in?

There are other medical centered shows debuting on other networks as well. NBC will try two approaches at replacing “ER”: “Trauma” replicates the high energy and blood- and -guts of “ER” in a story about paramedics in San Francisco, while “Mercy” channels “Grey’s Anatomy” by focusing on three gorgeous nurses. Wow, those sound groundbreaking too!

You know what would be cool? If there was a sitcom-like show with traveling nurses! Just think, the setting would always change, for one season they can be in the big city and the next in this little rural town. All these different scenarios could really lend itself to some great stories! Of all the travelers out there, I bet each has at least 5 stories that could make up an episode, couple that with the addition of some friends tagging along for the trips. Let’s see, 2 female nurses and 1 male nurse all on these different adventures together. Kind of like a “Three’s Company” for nurses. I think it’s gold! Gold Jerry! You heard it hear first, if this show gets developed, I should be given credit!

Please by all means, send in your comments about the upcoming shows. I want to know what you think and maybe together we can craft a show that would appeal to everyone!

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  1. Oh, I will probably watch Nurse Jackie for the train-wreck value of it all. It will give me more things to blog about. Showtimes last NJ trailer was based around “Nurses Day”. How creative.

  2. cyndi


    i think the show is awesome – i cant wait to see the next one

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