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Grey's Anatomy – True or False


I just read an interesting post at Customer Experience Labs about the satisfaction of patients decreasing when they are regular watchers of medical drama shows, like ER, Grey’s Anatomy or House. A German doctor, named Kai Witzel, conducted a study and found that the shows create unrealistic expectations in patients’ minds. Apparently the viewers believe the shows are an accurate depiction of a hospital. This leads to disappointment in how they are treated and makes me wonder if they even doubt that the level of care they are receiving is adequate. As nurses have you experienced this? How have you reacted to it?

If you can read German here is a link to the actual study: Patient Satisfaction and Medical Drama Shows.

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  1. @rdfraser says:

    I have not experienced this yet, and I don’t think that these televisions show would ever produce an experience when the patient has an experience worse than portrayed. On the whole I believe that these shows have a very negative portrail of nurses. Many of the dramatizations show very stereotypical, or negative protrails of nurses. Other than ER, I can think of few televisions shows that demonstrate that nurses have their own scope of practice, contribute to the decision making for care of patients or that they are self-regulated health professionals.

    I can understand how these shows may give patients a false sense of reality and perception of what happens in a healthcare environment, but I hardly think of many opportunities that the level of care provided by nurses is much worse than is predicted by these shows.

  2. killersuz


    I would agree. Nurses seem to be unable to do anything unless told what to do. Last time I worked a night shift they were telling me to do what I wanted, and to let them sleep. WE (nurses) are the ones that need to get out there and inform people what we really do and that we don’t just take blood pressures and change bed pans…we are more than that. Suz RN 15yrs

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