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Thank You, Military Nurses!

Thank you, military nurses! And Happy Memorial Day to all!

Thank you, military nurses! And Happy Memorial Day to all!

With Memorial Day weekend on the horizon, Travel Nursing Blogs would like to say thank you, military nurses!

Perhaps the ultimate in a very serious, long-term Travel Nursing assignment, nurses in the military do their part for their patients and for all of us. Just like all nurses, their hard work is unparalleled, and with the extra badge of honor that comes with service to their country come additional sacrifices.

From very early on in American history there were always nurses right alongside soldiers, helping treat patient soldiers, civilians, and risking their own safety while they were at it. In 1901, the Army Nurse Corps was established and made military nurses official. The Navy Nurse Corps followed in 1908 and the Air Force Nurse Corps was established next in 1949.

For more info on the history of military nurses and the army nurse corps, click here.

Thank you, military nurses! We salute you this Memorial Day, and every day.

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