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Thank You, Military Nurses!

Thank you military nurses

Thank you, military nurses! And Happy Memorial Day to all!

As we slide on into Memorial Day weekend, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you, military nurses for everything you do for your patients and your country!

Nursing is commendable and not easy work in any realm, but military nurses deserve an extra special nod for the additional sacrifices made by them and their families.

In honor of all of the brave individuals who’ve served our country, as healthcare professionals or otherwise, I wanted to share a really cool initiative brought about by the American Academy of Nursing called “Have You Ever Served in the Military?”

At you will find an awareness campaign that aims to improve veterans’ health and care by providing resources for both veterans and healthcare professionals. The idea behind it is that veteran may have additional healthcare concerns and that as a nurse it’s important to determine a patient’s veteran status if applicable.

In addition to the information provided for veterans, the site offers the following resources to help healthcare professionals provide optimum treatment:

  • Intake questions that can better help you treat a veteran patient
  • Information about areas of concern for vets, such as PTSD, military sexual trauma, and concussions/traumatic brain injuries
  • Info about common military health risks like radiation, Agent Orange exposure, infectious diseases, Gulf War syndrome, depleted uranium, and other concerns
  • Signs that may indicate a suicide risk

The site is a really important resource and we hope it helps both veterans and nurses and other healthcare providers offer the best patient care possible.

To learn more, visit

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, everyone — and again, we salute you and say thank you, military nurses!

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