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Keeping active during your next travel nursing job, it does the body good.


Recently a report was released that states hospital employees are less healthy and accrued higher healthcare costs than the general workforce. How can this be, healthcare workers less healthy? It should be the complete opposite, sadly it is not. So what can you do to keep healthy? Here at we want your travel nursing jobs to be enjoyable and live up to your expectations. Life as a travel nurse means you spend your time helping and taking care of others. Just remember, it is important to take care of yourself too.

Reasons to keep active

You may be surprised by the physical and internal changes that can take place when you stay active. As you already know, you will be able to lower your risk of many diseases including high blood pressure, strokes and diabetes. In addition, it will help you on the job. Research has shown that exercise can help you be more productive, and even friendlier on the job.*

Whether it is walking, running, weight lifting, yoga, Pilates or countless other exercise alternatives, the key is to get moving. By doing just 30 minutes of exercise three times a week you will be able to see improvements in your athleticism, balance, strength and flexibility. Not only does achieving a fitness goal lead to more self-confidence and self-esteem, but you will also notice improved overall muscle tone, more energy, and more stamina. Regular exercise can also help you sleep better, giving you more energy and less stress during your busy workday and life. Here are a few web sites with more general fitness information:

Fitness Online
Women Fitness
Fitness Magazine
MSN: Men’s Fitness

Recommendations for keeping active

Stay active as a travel nurse.

Going for a walk or run around your new location is a great way to experience the culture of an area.

Just because you are on the go as a travel nurse does not mean you can’t still get a good workout on the road. Even though you may not belong to a gym or are unable to take a lot of equipment with you on your travel nursing assignments, there are still good exercise alternatives available. Resistance b and s or exercise videos/DVDs are easy to pack and can be very effective. And don’t forget your running shoes. Going for a walk or run around your new location is a great way to experience the culture of an area.

Visit these sites for information, advice and recommendations for keeping active without fancy equipment. Whether you are just a beginner or have been working out for years, there is something for everyone:

weightlossforgood: Exercise in the home
MedicineNet: No weight workout
WebMD: No Gym Required: How to Get Fit at Home Weight Lifting without Weights
Women Today Magazine: Workouts That Travel

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