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Katie Couric Celebrates Nurses

Travel Nurses celebrate.

Tune in on July 16th as Katie Couric celebrates nurses on her show, “Katie.”

Whatever time zone you’re currently in, you should definitely tune in to today’s “Katie” on ABC, as host Katie Couric celebrates nurses, with a show themed “Celebrating Nurses.”

“Katie” is a topical daytime talk show hosted by award-winning journalist and television personality Katie Couric.

According to the show’s website, on July 16th, “Katie salutes nurses across the country. Meet the heroes who heal us, inspire us, and save our lives.”

The episode is expected to feature Carolyn Jones, director of The American Nurse, as well as several nurses featured in that film and an expert on modern healthcare and nursing. It was reportedly filmed two months ahead of its air date.

The show’s tagline is “Talk That Matters,” and that is so true in the case of recognizing and celebrating all of the hard work, sacrifice, compassion, and dedication displayed by nurses like you every single day. What you do as a nurse matters to so many people, and it’s pretty cool to see that recognized on national television.

“It was a team that got me better, but the nurse got me through it,” says one of the featured guests in the preview video (check it out below!).

If you can’t tune in today as Katie Couric celebrates nurses, visit to watch later.

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