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Help Inspire Future Nurses!

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Give a Helping Hand: Create a quick video to help inspire future nurses!

I recently got the awesome opportunity to see Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey speak — he was hilarious, inspiring, and informative. One of the coolest things he said had to do with helping people that come behind you in your profession. Spacey’s own mentor, the famous Jack Lemmon, told him:

“If you have done well, it’s your responsibility to send the elevator back down.”

What a great sentiment! As a nurse, you obviously care a lot about your profession. You care about patients and the delivery of healthcare, so of course you’d want to help others learn to be great nurses just like you are! Sharing your knowledge with aspiring nurses allows them to learn from your triumphs and mistakes.

Spacey has written that Lemmon taught him “that one of the most satisfying things in the world is helping others learn to do their work.”

Want in on some of that warm, fuzzy, Oscar-winning, feel-good energy? Perfect timing, because Travel Nursing Blogs and Medical Solutions would like to ask you to send the elevator back down to aspiring nurses!

Simply record a 30-second or less video sharing any tips, wisdom, or inspiration you have to offer today’s nursing students, then send the video to by Friday, October 3. 

Medical Solutions will extend your excellent, expert advice by sharing these video contributions with a group of nursing students at the 12th Annual UC Davis Pre-Medical and Pre-Health Professions National Conference, October 11-12, 2014.

Nurses like you are truly the experts on what it takes to make it through nursing school, choose a specialty, pass the NCLEX, and launch a successful career in nursing that serves both you as a nurse as well as your patients, their families, and communities. (If you need a little inspiration, check out this awesome gesture from a nurse to a nursing student.)

What do you wish you’d known when you were in nursing school? As Mr. Spacey would advise, send that elevator back on down and help inspire future nurses!

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