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The Envelope please…


And the winner is… The day has finally come and we’re proud to announce the three winners in the ‘Give It a Shot! Nurses Week T-shirt Challenge!’ The contest has concluded as of last Monday but we were unable to decide on the winning designs until Wednesday due to an unforeseen illness, which was welcomed by the judges due to high number (138) of entries! This extra time gave them a better look at all the designs and they were able to choose wisely. Read all about the contest at and see the top three entries, all of which have explanations of why the design was chosen as the winner.

We’d like to thank the fellas over at for helping us make this our most successful contest ever! True, it may be our first contest we’ve hosted but without our partners in design, I don’t think it could have gone any smoother.We were so pleased with the results that this will surely not be the last time we work with – keep an open eye for other contests down the road!

Winning T-shirt design from the Nurses Week contest

Gr and Prize Winning Shirt

As I mentioned earlier, we had 138 entries in the design challenge and it was tough to whittle it down to three with so many wonderful designs. Some humorous, some heartfelt and some… Well some. The contest really opened my eyes to what nurses think of themselves and their profession and what the general public feels about nurses. I can’t think of another profession where so many are proud to do the work they do, no matter what. Nurses truly care… And it shows. To take it a step further, the winning shirts are all available for purchase and for every shirt sold, $4 will be given to a very reputable charity – giving you a chance to show that you care too!

All in all, it was a successful celebration of nurses and we can’t wait to do it again next year! Who knows what we’ll do, but rest assured we won’t let our nurses go unnoticed. Here’s to you and all you do!

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