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23 Things People Get Wrong About Nurses

nurse ratched

Beyond Nurse Ratched: Check out 23 things people get wrong about nurses.

In case you missed it, BuzzFeed recently posted an article (or listicle, as they call them) titled 23 Things People Always Get Completely Wrong About Nurses.

These 23 things people get wrong about nurses were generated from a previous post at BuzzFeed Community asking: What’s The Most Infuriating Misconception About Nurses?

In that post they acknowledge that nurses are the “unsung heroes of medical establishments everywhere” and that nursing is a very commonly and highly misunderstood profession.

Here are a few of my favorites from the list:

#1 — “First of all, ‘Why didn’t you just become a doctor? You’re too smart to be a nurse is a rude thing to say.”

#2 — “And no, people can’t just apply for nursing licenses before being educated and rigorously trained.”

#4 — “ … nurses are not just there for their ability to ‘nurture’ and ‘mother’ patients; they’re there to use science and critical thinking to save lives.”

#7 — “The reality is that doctors rely heavily on the knowledge and observations of nurses to make decisions about patient care.”

#9 — “Nurses are actually more like a doctor-social worker-respiratory therapist-pharmacist-phlebotomist-physiotherapist-receptionist-X-ray technician-transporter-housekeeper-caregiver hybrid.”

#13 — “When nurses are ‘just taking blood pressure’ they are simultaneously assessing a dozen things about a patient’s condition.”

#16 — “Saying nurses are so lucky to work three days a week ignores how much recovery time and rest is needed after long shifts and dem and ing work.”

#20 — “ … when a nurse clearly knows the answer to your question and you say, ‘Can you ask the doctor?’ you’re undermining their expertise and their profession.”

Numbers 21 and 22 get the point across that despite the many misconceptions about nurses and nursing, nurses let it roll off their backs because what they care about more than anything is providing quality, live-saving patient care!

Click here to check out the complete 23 Things People Get Wrong About Nurses post over at BuzzFeed.

Did they miss any of your pet peeves? Let us know in the comments!

(Source: BuzzFeed)

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