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A Typical Day of a Traveling Nurse


typical day of a travel nurseCurious about the average day of a travel nurse? If you are a perm nurse already, it’s not really a whole lot different. The biggest difference is the first few days of orientation and acclimating yourself to new surroundings and staff. Take a look at our first day as a travel nurse article for more information on that.

Every hospital has different protocols, so learning how to absorb information very quickly is an important quality of a travel nurse. Most assignments are only 3 months in duration, so depending if you take consecutive assignments, you will be going through orientation about 4 times a year.

Schedules are usually similar to a perm nurses’ schedules as well. Usually 3-4 days of 12 hour shifts, depending on the need. Schedules are actually an advantage for traveling nurses as they can choose which assignment they wish to take based on the type of schedule. That’s not to say some changes occur periodically or you may have to pick up an extra shift or two here and there.

The other major difference in the day of a perm nurse vs a traveler is that the traveler gets to enjoy a new city and scenery. For three whole months you are able to be a tourist in a location that you might have not been able to travel to otherwise.

If you are not currently a nurse ( and have no clue when I say it’s similar to a perm nurses’ day), the bad news is that you cannot just jump into traveling career after graduation… at least for now. Travel nurse assignments require 2 years of clinical nurse experience in a facility concentrating on your specialty.

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