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Third episode of 'Hopkins' illustrates common problem for nurses


Hopkins Thursdays

First off, let me just say that I have not watched the second episode of Hopkins yet. Fourth of July festivities with family precluded me being able to catch it. I do plan on watching it and will post my opinions then.

As I watched last night’s episode of Hopkins, there was a sequence where a patient attacked a nurse. I found this to be quite a coincidence as I had posted a story on this blog yesterday regarding workplace violence in healthcare facilities. This is quite a problem and certainly no hospital or facility is immune.

Other than that there was a touching moment when a young man was getting ready for a heart transplant. As he was being wheeled from his room to prepare for surgery, all his nurses stopped by to wish him well and h and out some hugs. This is where Hopkins really shines, highlighting these moments where you can see how much the nurses and doctors do care for the patients.

I’m sure all nurses could relate to that moment as the connection between care giver and patient is so strong and that scene plays out in hospitals throughout the world every day.

Again, it was another good episode that really has done a nice job of focusing in on the personal side of healthcare.

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