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By August 5, 2008 0 Comments

Sixth episode of 'Hopkins'


Hopkins Thursdays

The sixth episode of Hopkins aired last Thursday on ABC. I missed the 5th episode due to a much needed family vacation, but I was happy to see this recent episode which included a kidney swap between three couples.

The show also followed the trials of a first-year surgery resident trying to find his way. Unfortunately he accidently punctured a patient’s lung during a procedure. The patient was underst and ably upset but also forgiving.

A pediatric resident dealt with the stressful ups and downs of working in the NICU. In fact the show follows the sad story of a premature baby.

The main highlight in this episode however was the story about three couples donating a kidney so their significant other could receive a kidney. Transplants have had a prominent role in Hopkins. With the unbeleivable project and time management needed for a succesful transplant, it’s been easy to see why.

The final episode of the series will air this Thursday night.


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  1. Cheap Scubs says:

    Personally I don’t think this show is going anywhere. It needs more edge-of-your-seat drama to capture the big audiences. There is just too much competition in the medical television niche for another cookie cutter effort.

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