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Go for a run while on your travel nursing assignment


I came across 2 great websites that help you map out a running course no matter where your travel nursing assignment takes you.

Both sites utilize Google Maps, which allows you to customize and know the distance of your route. Other options include elevation display and libraries of running routes that other users have created. offers a premium membership to access additional features while it appears that is completely free. Both sites are great tools to help you continue your running regimen when your away from home or if your simply looking for a new route to run.

Starting a new travel nursing assignment can be stressful as you get oriented to a new location. Hopefully these sites can help you maintain or start an exercise program which can help you stay in control and rejuvenated.

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  1. Becky


    Another good one is this one is free as well,

  2. Bret says:

    Thanks for the suggestion Becky!

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