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Happy Halloween, Travel Nurses!


Jack O LanternIt’s that spooktacular time of year again, where ghosts and ghouls roam the streets and tricks and sweet treats line the pockets of girls and boys across the l and .

As a nurse, it’s possible you’ll be working on All Hallow’s Eve, but there’s still a chance for you to get in on the fun. Whatever your plans — work or play — have a Happy Halloween, Travel Nurses!

Some units, particularly in Children’s Hospitals, will host a Halloween parade with treat-or-treating. This is a great chance to provide a little extra fun for kids and their families. It’s really fun to see them kick back, even in the hospital setting, and also to see what creative costumes ideas emerge. This is also a chance for the hospital staff to show off their own creativity and sense of holiday fun. Regardless your unit, just having a holiday to celebrate can provide a little levity for everyone. One rule though — no dressing as the stereotypical “sexy nurse”! It’s as uncreative as it is played out, and nurses especially are generally really sick and tired of seeing that same costume every year.

There’s also a chance you may share some spooky tales amongst co-workers. Some hospitals — just like any building — are rumored to be haunted or have staff that claim to have witnessed paranormal or otherwise scary activity. Who knows if they’re just trying to scare the Travelers or if it’s really true!

Check out this list of the Top 10 Scariest Haunted Hospitals in the U.S. to read about some real deal haunted hospitals, including the Royal Hope Hospital, for which the entry reads:

“The hospital stood here from 1784-1821, the actual building that is there now is not the original. This hospital operated on the dead or dying from the Seminole War and the Civil War. When the town dug up the water lines they found piles and piles of bones believed to be a Timucuan Indian burial site. People believe the new building built there is still haunted by souls of the original hospital. People have reported hospital beds moving and rolling across the floor, hearing heavy sobbing, hearing footprints in the hall, of being scratched by something, and orbs have been photographed.”

If you’re near St. Augustine, Florida and feeling extra brave, the Royal Hope Hospital gives daily tours…

Have a Happy Halloween, Travel Nurses!

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