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Halloween Costumes Travel Nurses Can Wear to Work

Travel Nurse dressed superman flying

SuperNurse tops our list of Halloween costumes Travel Nurses can wear to work.

We’re in the home stretch leading up to Halloween. With that comes the usual array of annoying, stereotypical nurse costumes, and other such eyesores — including this year’s ultimate abomination: the sexy Ebola nurse costume. Yuck!

If you’re working on the big day, do you have your costume planned?

If not, there’s still time to pull something together! You want to choose something comfortable, non-intrusive to your duties, work-appropriate, and fun.

Here are some Halloween costumes Travel Nurses can wear to work:


This one’s pretty topical, considering nurses really are superheroes every day. Throw on the classic Superman t-shirt and a cape over your scrubs, then, just do your job, you superhero, you! Draw or paint your own superhero logo on a plain t-shirt for an even more original costume.


It’s a classic for a reason. Black scrubs and a traditional pointy hat bring this costume together. Add a fake nose, warts, and /or green-tinted skin to take it to the next level. Or, go Glinda, and be a good witch with pink scrubs and a star w and — make her crown-esque hat with cardstock, silver paint, and glitter.

Totally ’80s Individual

Put some makeshift shoulder pads in your scrubs, think neon, pink, and hoop earrings, and rat your hair sky-high to complete the look. Alternately, a totally ’80s metal wig can transform you into a rocker from the bygone era.

Wednesday Addams

Don long black pigtail braids and a Peter Pan collar over black scrubs, and — voila! You’re the sassy, dark character from everyone’s favorite creepster clan, The Addams Family. Style your own hair if you fit this look; if not, grab a wig.


Find a funny apron to wear over your scrubs and top it off with a classic chef’s hat.


Lots of options for executing this one: Tie-dye a pair of scrubs and /or headscarf. Put flowers in your hair. Round Lennon-esque glasses. Peace sign necklace.


Clown wig, makeup, and a red nose and you’re all set. Bonus point for balloons and /or a magic trick you can share throughout the day.


Find a classic cowboy/cowgirl hat to pair with a red b and ana. Tie a lasso at your hip with thick rope.

Whether you’ll be on the clock or not, we want to hear what you’re dressing up as this Halloween! Let us know in the comments, and please feel free to share any other ideas for Halloween costumes Travel Nurses can wear to work.

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