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Has the cost of gas affected your travel nursing assignments?


I get the Healthcare Traveler E-News and this month it had some interesting results regarding the effect that the high gas prices are having on travel nurses’ commutes.

They asked:

Has the cost of gasoline caused you to adjust your commute?

49% Yes. I mostly use public transportation now.
24% No. It has not had an impact on my commute.
12% Yes. I now have a small or hybrid vehicle.
9% Yes. I need an assignment within walking distance of my housing.
4% Yes. I ride my bicycle or walk.
2% Yes. I joined a carpool to help with the expense.

This big of an impact really surprised me, and made me wonder how it is affecting the travel nursing industry overall. I’m sure it has an effect on travel costs and pay, but has it discouraged any would be travel nurses from taking that first assignment? If it has, that is too bad. Besides the fact that travel nursing is a great way to bring a change of pace to your nursing career, it is also a increasingly vital part of the healthcare system of the United States and becoming more and more vital to combating the nursing shortage.


What about you? Has the increase in gas prices affected you and your travel nursing decisions?

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  1. Jay Mitchell



    Simply, since travel nursing pays more than staff positions, and typically, travel nurse housing is free and located proximate to assignments, how on earth could rising gas costs have an impact on someones ability to travel nurse?

  2. Jeff says:

    That is a good point Jay, but according to the survey it is. Like I said it surprised me.

  3. david


    It is not just about the price of gas. Costs across the board are up. Fill a bag of groceries, select household items, personal products, clothes and yes fill your tank with fuel as well as other maintenance items then compare current costs to last year. The difference will manifest itself. I’ve elected to do what I term one tank assignment trips. Taking assignments 600 – 700 miles from an existing job allows trip for one fill up. When gas was $4.00 gallon $340.00 was required to fill up compared to ~$200.00 less than a year ago.

  4. Jeff says:

    That is an interesting way to travel David. Who knows you may even see some places you never thought about before.

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