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By July 18, 2008 0 Comments

Fourth episode of 'Hopkins'


Hopkins Thursdays

Last night’s episode of ‘Hopkins’ featured another heart transplant. This time it was a toddler in need of a healthy heart. This scenario is every parent’s worst nightmare. Watching your child face what comes down to a life and death situation. As a parent of 2 young boys this episode really tugged on my emotions as well as my wife’s.

It was amazing watching the pediatric doctors objectively discussing the options for this little boy. They must consider all avenues and present them to the parents. Not only that but then they must follow through with parents’ choice of action, which in this case was placing the boy on a transplant list and hoping that a heart would become available.

Their prayers were answered and a heart did become available. This was another difficult segment to watch as the little boy underwent heart transplant surgery. It is such a miracle that this is even possible and that it went so well for this boy.

It does make me think how much pressure there must be on the doctors and nurses involved in these types of surgeries and how they must detach themselves from the emotional side of the procedures. In fact, I’m sure it’s a necessity to detach from the circumstances surrounding each patient in order to do what is required.

All in all, this was another compelling episode that stayed true to the formula of the first couple episodes.

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