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Design or Buy Your Own Nursing Wardrobe on the Road


If any of the readers here were wondering where I’ve been the last couple of weeks, well let me just tell you. Maybe you’ve heard of this little contest that’s going on right now – and I hope you have, otherwise those two weeks have been wasted. The ‘Give It a Shot! Nurses Week T-shirt Challenge.’ has been my focus as of late and it’s the first contest of any sort that Medical Solutions and has ever hosted, so I’ve been working diligently on trying to get the word out to make it as big a success as possible. So far so good! As of today we have 78 entries and counting. There are some real gems on there, so if you have a few minutes, why not get yourself registered and vote for a few and more importantly try designing your own to submit into the contest. There’s over $500 in cash and prizes to be awarded to the first, second and third place designs. So try it on for size, it just might fit!

As I mentioned, this is the first time we’ve hosted anything like this, along with our partners in crime, is a fairly new web-based custom clothing company that allows you to buy t-shirts, hoodies, shirts and other clothing. They have quite an extensive catalog featuring all types of designs for any occasion, occupation, subject, etc. Check out their nurse themed shirts here. There are so many unique designs on the site that it would be difficult to find one you didn’t like… But if that truly is the case, that you didn’t see a shirt you liked, well you can make your own custom t-shirt right then and there using their simple yet powerful design tool. It’s super easy!

I’ve seen similar types of design tools on other sites, but nothing that offers as much as When you first enter the site, you are given two options, shop now or create now. You know how to shop, so let’s tell you how to become a fashion designer and get you on your way to becomming the next Coco Chanel. Again, Fibers has made this process so easy and user friendly, just about anybody with a slight knowledge of how to use the computer can do it. On the lefth and side of the design template you are given six different options. First go to the products section. Here you choose what article of clothing and its color, from onsie’s to sweatshirts. There can be a few choices for each type, so carefully pick the one you’d like best, prices will vary depending on the type of garment it is you’re picking.  Now that you know what you want to make, you can start designing.

Design Tool at

Custom Shirt Creator at design tool has so many templates to choose from in which you can customize to your liking or you could upload your own photos and yourself to use. They have a huge bank of images ranging from simple line drawings to ornate graphics. Place them on the template and make them as big or small as you’d like. There is a boundry that you must be aware of that will limit the placement of your design, but believe me, there’s plenty of space given that you’ll be able to fashion your masterpiece with precision, no problem.

Now that you’ve got your graphics set up, you can now add some text to complete the design. Words on a shirt. After that you can take it another step and polish it off with some distress. Give your garmet of choice that worn look, like all those vintage type shirts you see a lot of today and volia! There you have it, you’re very own custom designed piece of clothing. It’s that easy! Now register yourself, create an account and save your designs for a later date if you’re not ready to print it. Which by the way, uses a specialized technique in printing the shirts called, “direct to garment.” Here’s how they describe it, “To create the highest quality products, digital printing uses an advanced ink and printing method, which allows printing of the design directly onto the garment without using any form of iron-on’s or heat transfers.  Our printers use environmentally-friendly, water-based inks.”

Aren’t you tired of looking like everyone else who shops at the mall or wherever? Wear your custom designed clothing with pride, knowing you’re the only one who has it. Just wait and see, you’ll be getting asked over and over, “Where’d you get that? I must have it!” So there you have it and if you think you’re good enough, don’t forget to enter our Nurses Week T-shirt design contest I mentioned above. We’ll see you on the catwalk!

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