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Aloha, Travel Nurses

Say "aloha" to Emmet, Captain Mike,  and  Cheryl of Maui Charter Boat, which offers discounts  and  special packages to Travel Nurses.

Say “aloha” to Emmet, Captain Mike, and Cheryl of Maui Charter Boat, which offers discounts and special packages to Travel Nurses.

Many Travel Nurses feel the allure of taking an assignment in Hawaii. The opportunity to live and work however temporarily in paradise is a perfect example of why Travel Nursing is such an exciting, rewarding career path. Just think of all the isl and adventures up for grabs! Boating, surfing, sightseeing — oh my!

Travel Nursing Blogs recently got an email from Captain Mike Sproul with in Maui. He wanted to get the word out to Travelers that he has a fun and affordable charter boat service there and got our attention when he added that he happily offers discounts and special packages to Travel Nurses.

Then Captain Mike mentioned that his wife, Cheryl, was a longtime Travel Nurse, and that really got our attention!

“When we met, Cheryl was a Traveler in my small town of Salida, Colorado working in the ICU,” he says. “We fell in love and then lived together for a while. We were going to move to Australia and she l and ed a job with the Flying Doctor Service in Western Australia. Prior to that, Chery had applied to the Wilkes-Barre School of Nurse Anesthesia. Just before we were scheduled to leave for Australia she was accepted into the CRNA school. She graduated in 1995 and has been doing CRNA work since then.”

Captain Mike, who is originally from Oahu, says they spend most of the year in Colorado, but all summer in Hawaii. Coast Guard credentialed, with “35 years of experience in operating boats in open ocean water,” Captain Mike got his commercial permit in 2013 and has operated the Maui Charter Boat since.

“I operate during whale season and through the summer,” he says. “Cheryl and my son Emmet spend all summer here with me. I then return to Colorado with them in the fall and open back up from Jan 1.”

Fittingly the boat is named “Ohana” — which means family in Hawaiian. And, how nice of them to offer the “family” discount to Travel Nurses!

“Travel nurses are the prefect client as they usually have a sense of adventure and a willingness to explore and try new things,” says Captain Mike. “It is a private boat and I don’t mix parties, so the best value is to get 4-6 people together and come do a day with me. The Lanai day trip is a great experience.”

Check out for details and get in touch with Captain Mike if you’ll be in the area.

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