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50 States of Fast Food Ranked

Travel Nurses eating fast food

What’s your favorite place to grab a burger while on the road as a Travel Nurse?

OK, so we all know that (most) fast food isn’t the healthiest option, but especially when you’re on the road traveling to your next Travel Nursing assignment, it can be a helpful option. And, as you drive through state after state you might notice the signs begin to change … Whataburger gives way to Wendy’s gives way to White Castle as you buzz on down the highway.

Part of the fun of traveling to an assignment is doing as the locals do and exploring regional treats and eats — from fast food to fine dining. “When in Rome” you might think, as you take the first Nebraska exit to try the Cornhusker State’s famed Runza. Or, “I’m definitely in” you might say as you peel into an In-N-Out burger on the West Coast.

Thrillist recently noted this phenomenon, with all 50 states of fast food ranked in its article, “Every State in the USA, Ranked by its Fast Food.” The rankings consider the big chains (like McDonald’s KFC, Burger King, and others), regional chains (like Shake Shack, Umami Burger, Culver’s, and others), and one-offs in individual states, on criteria of variety and deliciousness.

The top 10 of the 50 states of fast food ranked were:

10. Oklahoma

9. Michiganunited states of hamburger

8. Colorado

7. Louisiana

6. Kentucky

5. Georgia

4. Ohio

3. Alabama

2. California

1. Texas

Click here to read all 50 states of fast food ranked at Thrillist.

The list also includes a “notable fact” for each state. Here are a few of my faves:

alice cooper white castleSonic — born in Shawnee, Oklahoma — was originally called Top Hat.

In 2014, Alice Cooper was inducted into the White Castle Hall of Fame. (In other news, there’s a White Castle Hall of Fame!)

Runza will FedEx their s and wiches to nearly any location nationwide.

Subway was originally called Pete’s Submarines, but was changed because folks thought they were saying “pizza marines.”

Maryl and pioneered a fast food joint named Hip Hop Fish and Chicken, which now has 12 locations.hip hop fish  and  chicken logo

Pennsylvania’s famous Tony Luke’s cheesesteaks are sold in faraway locations like Bahrain.



There is Spam museum in Austin, Minnesota. It’s closed for remodeling, but set a calendar alert for the gr and reopening in Spring 2016.

Columbus, Ohio is a major test market for new fast food items — so you may able to try the next big thing there.

What’s your favorite fast food indulgence — from your hometown or any place you’ve visited in your travels? Let us know in the comments!

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