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By January 23, 2015 1 Comments

Nursing Memes on Facebook


nursing meme this won't hurtWhile looking for a little Friday afternoon fun, I stumbled across a page with awesome nursing memes on Facebook.

The page’s info describes it as “A page for nursing memes, nursing student memes, and funny nursing pictures in general.” It’s also partially crowdsourced and interactive, inviting everyone to “Post yours on the wall and we’ll post them to the page.”

Here are some of my favorite recent postings from the page:

For when it’s almost quitting time.

 nursing meme next shift

For a giggle regarding doctors’ notorious h and writing skills.

nursing meme dr h and writing

For when your pen goes missing. Again.

nbursing meme pen

For nursing students studying for a big exam.

nursing meme student exam

For when it’s eerily quiet.

nursing meme quiet

Click here to check out more the page’s nursing memes. Do you know of any great pages for nursing memes on Facebook or other sites? Share your favorites in the comments!

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  1. Suzie RN says:

    LOL! These are hilarious and so relatable!

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