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Nurse Pranked By Ellen and Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars  and  Ellen join forces to prank an unsuspecting nurse via hidden camera.

Bruno Mars and Ellen join forces to prank an unsuspecting nurse via hidden camera.

As a nurse, you see plenty of strange things and people along the way. To put it diplomatically, a great variety of people can walk into your unit on any given day! Among the even weirder is the hidden camera prank patient scenario recently put on by Ellen DeGeneres and Bruno Mars.

An unsuspecting nurse named Debra thought she’d met a real weirdo when she showed up to treat Mars — or Ramon, as Ellen instructs him to call himself — in his dressing room for a sore throat.

The setup for the hidden camera prank has Mars wearing an earpiece with Ellen on the other end instructing him with to say oddball things to the nurse.

He says he’s having a pain in his throat and that he hasn’t swallowed since the Super Bowl. Ellen directs the singer through an awkward dialogue where he says it’s like he has a chip in his mouth that’s causing his sore throat:

“I had a chip during halftime. I had either Chex Mix or Dorito or Frito … Pringle — I was wanting a Pringle, it wasn’t a Pringle actually. They didn’t give me Pringles, I asked for Pringles but there wasn’t [sic] Pringles in my dressing room. Why do Pringles come in a tennis ball can?”

Nurse Debra patiently suggests that the canister choice is due to the shape of the chip.

Just after the 5-minute mark Ellen instructs him to cry at which point the nurse is very sweet in comforting him. And then, at 6:25, Mars reveals that it was all a prank and good sport that she is, Debra laughs — likely relieved that Mars isn’t the strange patient she thought him to be.

Have you ever been pranked on the job? If so, share your story in the comments, and check out video of the prank below.

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