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Jimmy Kimmel Sonogram Prank

Jimmy Kimmel sonogram prank

Baby on Board: A scene from the Jimmy Kimmel sonogram prank.

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel scrubbed in last week to play a little prank on his famously curmudgeonly Aunt Chippy.

L&D nurses especially may get a kick out of this — considering the super-odd fetal behavior, I doubt this is a baby any of you’d like to see delivered in your unit!

Aunt Chippy has occasion to witness her first ever sonogram, when accompanying her pregnant daughter Micki to an appointment. With the help of Dr. Lang — who is in on the prank and not a doctor — Jimmy, Micki, and crew treat Aunt Chippy to a sonogram of the baby supposedly clapping, picking his nose, and even flipping the bird — the latter which the “doctor” chalks up to reflexes.

Next, the baby st and s up and does jumping jacks, further confounding Aunt Chippy just before the big reveal that it’s all been a prank. Check out the Jimmy Kimmel sonogram prank video below! Then be sure to revisit this great nurse pranking, perpetrated by Ellen DeGeneres and Bruno Mars.

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