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Z Dogg MD Spreads Zika Awareness with Humor

Z Dogg MD Spreads Zika Awareness with Humor

Check out Z Dogg MD’s truly infectious way of spreading Zika virus awareness with humor.

As summer 2016 nears and the Zika virus outbreak continues to grow rapidly in South America, the threat of it spreading further into the United States is no laughing matter.

It’s a particularly scary thought for expectant mothers and those wishing to conceive, but leave it to Z Dogg MD — who we featured hilariously trying to be a nurse last year on TNB — to find a good reason to make a parody video surrounding the Zika virus.

If you’re familiar with Z Dogg, you know that he’s basically the Weird Al of healthcare. An actual MD who uses parody songs and humor to shed light on important issues faced by medical professionals and patients. His recent “My Name is Zika” video is, as ’90s aficionados may have guessed, based off of Suzanne Vega’s song “Luka” which features the iconic lyric “My name is Luka.”

Of course, as an MD, Z Dogg recognizes the seriousness of the Zika virus and does not intend to make fun of those who’ve contracted it, nor those who fear it. He really just wants to use this as a teachable moment to raise awareness with a parody so infectious it’s bound to get stuck in people’s heads, thus helping educate and protect them and others around them.

“Certain subjects seem automatically taboo with regards to parody, and a viral epidemic suspected of causing widespread birth defects might just be such a subject. Which is EXACTLY why I needed to make this parody,” Z Dogg writes on his website. “Any chance to raise awareness and increase recognition of symptoms, signs, risk factors, vectors, etc. is a chance that should be capitalized on. After all, it’s hard to forget stuff when an infectious tune gets lodged deep in your dome.”

Check it out for yourself below. And, as information on the Zika virus continues to unfold, be sure to visit the CDC’s Zika page to learn more and stay updated.

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