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7 Stranger Things Gifs for Nurses

7 Stranger Things Gifs for Nurses

These 7 “Stranger Things” gifs for nurses will get you all lit up like a Christmas tree. Or, y’know, a Christmas alphabet wall, or whatever the case may be!

In case you’ve somehow missed the magic of Netflix’s original series “Stranger Things,” I suggest you avoid any potential *spoilers* below, reach for the remote, and remedy that ASAP.

But for the legions of fans who’ve fallen for this ’80s homage, which I’ve come to describe as “If ‘Twin Peaks’ and Goonies had a baby and Stephen King delivered it,” we’ve created a set of gifs inspired by everyone’s favorite summer 2016 TV obsession, with a special bent towards those in nursing.

Here are Travel Nursing Blogs’ 7 “Stranger Things” gifs for nurses:

When you worked straight through your lunch break and now hangry is too gentle a word for your appetite and state of mind …

Noooooooo! Not today, Satan!

When someone means well but interferes with your patient care …

Seriously. Is bad h and writing a special, secret class required in med school?!

When your shift ends and you suddenly have the speed of 10 Usain Bolts!

When someone doesn’t trust your opinion because “you’re just a nurse.”

When your patient hits the call button again the minute you leave the room.

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