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By October 31, 2014 10 Comments

Ask a Travel Nurse Housing Expert: How do I go about listing housing for Travel Nurses?

Travel Nurse Housing For rent

Ask a Travel Nurse Housing Expert: How do I go about listing housing for Travel Nurses?

Ask a Travel Nurse Housing Expert Question:

I have a property that would be perfect for a Travel Nurse! But I am unsure how to best get the word out about it. How do I go about listing housing for Travel Nurses?

Ask a Travel Nurse Housing Expert Answer:

I would recommend that you get a flyer together and post it up at the hospitals located in proximity to your property. Additionally, speaking with Human Resources at those hospitals is a great way to get your information out there.

Make sure the flyer states things like size, furnished or unfurnished, washer/dryer, parking, A/C — all the specifics, the more the better — monthly rate, deposit requirement or any other fees, and if you are pet friendly.

I would also suggest that you contact the housing departments at some of the major Travel Nursing companies out there so they have your information on h and . And, you can also try a Travel Nursing forum like Healthcare Travelbook — which even has a specific housing and locations forum — to help spread the word among Travel Nurses.

Good luck!

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About the Author:

Jill has been in the travel nurse housing industry for over 10 years and has expertise on a variety of travel nurse housing topics from how to find housing if you are taking a housing stipend to how to ensure you're getting the best deal from your travel nursing agency.

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