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Travel Nurse Housing – What should I expect in turnkey temporary housing?


Traveling nurses can encounter some unusual housing situations while moving from city to city. There are a myriad of different ideas when it comes to furnished housing as there are no set regulations or st and ards such as hotels have. This can leave one very uncertain as to what they are getting when searching for a furnitravel nurse in temporary housingshed housing solution.

It makes it even more difficult when one is searching on their own using sites such as Craigslist where individual owners often post their own properties. Each of those is going to be a bit different and you never know what you will get. This post introduces just a few of the 60+ different steps/items involved in setting up a turnkey furnished housing solution. In future posts I will discuss these items in more depth to help you underst and why having a professional company do this for you is the right option.

1. Short term leases…can I secure one on my own?

Yes you probably can in some states, but usually you will have to pay a premium to the base rents and in the other states like Florida, the usual minimum lease terms for individuals is 7 months or longer. So if your assignment is only 13 weeks, what do you do? By using a professional furnished housing company, they sign the longer lease which means they assume the risks of backfilling it once you vacate.

2. Do I have to pay deposits and hook up my own utilities?

If you were to do this on your own, then yes you would. However, by using a professional company, all of those things are taken care of for you. What is even better, they pay the deposits, connection fees, disconnect fees, wait for the set-up appointments, h and le any issues you may have during your stay and much more which means all you have to do it tell them what you want and show up on the day you need to start your assignment. One better yet, with the right professional company doing this for you, there are generally no deposits to pay. How awesome is that!

3. What about all the furniture and house wares?

As you can probably guess by now, a professional company will have all the furnishings and house wares delivered and set up for you, again usually at a substantial discount to what you as an individual could get from a furniture rental company because of the volume of furniture they rent. Need something special like a desk or pull-out sofa for occasional visitors…not a problem; your furnished apartment can be customized to your specifications, another advantage to using a professional company rather than an individual rental from the many websites that allow individuals to post their own properties.

The bottom line here is that there are many things that go into setting up, servicing, and delivering a quality furnished turnkey housing solution for your temporary assignment. Trusting a professional to do this for you is the right choice so that you know without a doubt the quality and service you will receive while you are traveling away from home on you temporary nurse assignment. Stay tuned as I discuss over the next couple of months the 60+ steps it takes to provide a quality, cost effective, temporary furnished housing solution.

Dan Gorman is a Certified Corporate Housing Professional member and an expert in the field of furnished housing for traveling nurses. Please visit for more information about travel nurse housing solutions and locations or email at

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