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Travel Nurse Housing – Can I bring my pet?


travel nurse with her dogOf course you can! According to The Humane Society of The United States, seventy-two percent of U.S. households own at least one dog or cat. Your travel nurse company should anticipate this request and underst and that your four-legged friend plays a major role in the satisfaction of your stay.

Tell your travel nurse housing provider that you have a pet and they should gladly arrange the best accommodations for you and your pet. They should have already established relationships with many pet-friendly communities. These communities may have special areas for your pet to play, do their business, and stretch their legs. Furthermore, these communities may even have pet waste stations so that you can help keep the community clean and dispose of the pet waste responsibly.

[pullquote]As a travel nurse, your pet may very well be your closest companion. [/pullquote]

Some complexes allow pets with additional rent or deposit costs, but many have breed, and size restrictions. Regardless, your pet request should not cause YOU extra work. A good travel nurse housing provider will not ask you to sacrifice the quality, distance, or amenities you are looking for in an apartment.

As a travel nurse, your pet may very well be your closest companion.Your travel nurse housing company should not only work hard to make sure that you have an enjoyable stay and receive the best accommodations possible but also make certain your housing is appropriate for your pet.

Dan Gorman is a Certified Corporate Housing Professional member and an expert in the field of furnished housing for traveling nurses. Please visit for more information about travel nurse housing solutions and locations or email at

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