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Ask a Travel Nurse: What can I expect for Travel Nurse housing?

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Ask a Travel Nurse: What can I expect for Travel Nurse housing?

Ask a Travel Nurse Question:

I am planning to start Travel Nursing soon and I have no idea what to expect or ask about when it comes to housing. What can I expect for Travel Nurse housing?

Ask a Travel Nurse Answer:

Hopefully before you sign anything, you are told what to expect in the form of housing.

While many companies will provide a one-bedroom apartment, free of charge, there are companies out there who utilize extended stay hotels to save money on housing. So, you will want to discuss this up-front with your recruiter and it should be specified in your contract.

Assuming your company does provide a one-bedroom, after you have signed your contract, contact your company’s housing department and ask where they normally house travelers in the location to which you are headed. They will likely already have a complex that they use in the area.

Then you may look it up on a site like or and see the amenities and check out the part of town in which it is located. If there are any issues, contact not only the housing department, but also your recruiter. Your recruiter should be your “problem-solver” at the company and follow-up on anything related to your contract.

Sometimes, you may not realize issues or problems until you arrive. While this is not the norm, I have been greeted by trashed apartments and one complex in which the police LITERALLY had guns drawn on a suspect laying down in the courtyard outside my apartment (THE FIRST DAY I ARRIVED!), your travel company should solve those issues for you. You may need to be very proactive in some instances (in the aforementioned situation  I found a safe complex and told my travel company, “I want to stay here. Work it out!”).

Good communication is key in knowing what to expect in the way of housing and make sure anything promised is in your contract.

Hope this helps.


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