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"Deck the halls…Don't wreck your walls!"


Apartment living while on your travel nursing assignment…let’s face it; can be rather dull compared to the excitement of starting a new travel nursing job and exploring the area.  The walls are bare and nothing about an empty apartment feels very inviting!  So how can you make your temporary housing more “homey” without ruining the walls or the carpet while you’re on assignment?  Well I have a few simple ideas to make those boring white walls pop and protect the carpet while brightening up your space.

Let’s start with the walls.  You’ve moved into your new place, maybe you moved to a new city, no family or friends to keep you company.  All you have are your pictures and memories but you can’t display them on the walls because you don’t want to spend hours and hours patching and smoothing all the holes in the wall once you move out, right?  Well here are some simple solutions…use Velcro!  Velcro, peel and stick, Comm and Strips, etc.  There are so many new things out there that save your walls!  I myself love the Comm and Strips.  They are fairly inexpensive and come in a variety of colors from plain white plastic to brushed nickel.  The best part is NO HOLES IN YOUR WALLS!!!  You can use them to hang pictures with no nails, use as coat hangers, and use them during the holidays to brighten up your home away from home to hang garl and or Christmas lights or any other holiday décor, without messy tape (which never seems to stay up anyway) tacks, or nails.  They even have a product that will help you hide your lamp or cable cords!  You can use them in the kitchen to hang larger cooking utensils, pot holders, or use the spring clip to clip important messages to your refrigerator or to hold recipes while you cook.  These little babies are life savers and in the end time and money savers.  The less damage to your apartment when you move out the more money you put back in your pocket!
Now let’s talk about the carpet.  My simple word of advice…RUGS!  An in expensive rug not only can brighten up a room but in high traffic areas it can save you money by saving your carpet!  I recommend Wal-Mart  and Target as a great resource to finding beautiful inexpensive rugs, runners, and mats.  Also you’re more likely to find the size you’re looking for to fit your apartment living room and dining. 
Don’t underestimate your local thrift store for great finds at even lower prices.  Goodwill is a great place to find those small touches to complete the look such as; silk flowers, artificial foliage, iron work, clocks, picture frames, wall art, pottery and so much more.  Thrift stores seem to have it all!  Plus you’ll feel good knowing that you’re not spending department store prices and it’s going towards a good cause. 
Also a good tip if you don’t want to travel with extra items.  Why not donate them back?  You’ll have gotten good use from your items and by donating them back to goodwill you could get a tax deduction for your donation! 
I’d love to hear ways that you yourself have learned to make a big impact on your temporary travel nursing home but not on your bank account.  Feel free to share your ideas!!  Looking forward to hearing from you! 🙂


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  1. Abbie


    I am seriously considering taking a travel assignment in the next couple of weeks. Location isn’t as important as the agency. I’ve done this one time before and I was not happy with the agency. I felt like they took advantage of me. It may have been because it was my first time, but I felt like I didn’t make alot of money, I couldn’t figure out my health insurance, I didn’t have a car and they put me in an apt a 20 min. drive on the freeway from the hosp, etc. I need references for a good, fair, up-front travel nurse agency. Please email: Thanks, Abbie

  2. Jaylee



    Sorry to hear your first travel nursing experience didn’t go that well. I can have one of our Recruiters contact you if you’d like. We work really hard to create a positive and memorable experience for all our travelers so just let me know (we try not to recruit on this blog). In the meantime this thread on our blog may help you out. Hope this helps and thanks for reading.

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