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By December 4, 2014 1 Comments

Tips for Taking Care of Tired Nurse Feet

Travel Nurse soaks tired feet

Recharge and renew with these tips for taking care of tired nurse feet.

Feet were built for moving, whether it be running from patient to patient or st and ing at bedsides administering care. But your job doesn’t ever seem to give your tired feet a break! At the end of the day, the constant pressure and use can mean that they are extremely sore and aching for reprieve.

Because the job you do is so important, you deserve to be as comfortable as possible. That means outfitting your feet with the proper footwear, from comfy socks to shoes engineered for activity. It also means pampering yourself with little indulgences. And really, who can say no to that? So kick back and relax while you read these tips for taking care of tired nurse feet!

At Work:

The wrong kind of footwear can greatly aggravate foot soreness, and make your days seem endless. These two types of products can be useful to alleviate some of the ache, as well as help posture and back pain.

Compression Stockings — Compression socks can make it feel as though you’re walking on clouds! They are designed to compress the foot and leg, reducing distended veins and increasing blood flow. Thus, they relieve leg and foot aches through a decrease of venous pressure. More blood to the heart and less to pool in the feet!

travel nurse shoes  and  socks from TaffordComfortable Footwear — For long hours at work, well though-out footwear is a must. Whether you prefer something you can slip on quickly or something that prevents slipping on the job, Tafford has you covered. More comfortable in athletic sneakers or need shoes for a run to de-stress after work? No problem! Tafford carries a selection of athletic shoes as well.

After Work:

Taking care of yourself shouldn’t take a backseat to taking care of others. Reduce tension and pain in your feet when you get home so that you’re ready to return to the job you love the next day!  Here’s a few ideas that promote relaxed feet.

Elevate Your Feet When You Get Home — Help the blood flow back to your heart and core after pooling in your feet all day by elevating your legs when you get home.

Foot Bath Soaks — Hot water will increase blood flow while cold water or ice can reduce swelling. Both can and should be used in conjunction. Additionally, you might try:

  • Vinegar – Vinegar has also been shown to reduce inflammation. You can create a solution of water with a few tablespoons of vinegar and soak your feet, or you can soak a towel and wrap it around your feet.
  • Epsom Salt – The magnesium in epsom salt acts as a natural pain reliever. Add a few tablespoons to hot water (to dissolve) and soak for 10-15 minutes. Note: It can make your feet dry, so put on some moisturizer afterward.
  • Clove Oil – Afflicted with joint pain, athlete’s foot, nail fungus, or general soreness? Clove oil is a proven remedy. Simply massage it onto your feet on a daily basis.

Reflexology Massage — Mmm. Nothing says “indulgent treat” quite like a massage, and you deserve it! The treat with a professional reflexology massage is not only the tension relief in your feet but the whole body – triggered by specific points on your feet.

Nurses know what long days on your feet can do to morale, mood, and overall effective thinking. Increase blood flow and reduce the aches of the day with compression socks and comfortable shoes from Tafford. Then indulge in some activities to eliminate any remainder of the aches and pains. You deserve it!

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Natasha LaBruce is the E-Marketing & Sales Strategist at Tafford Uniforms, a web-based medical scrubs retailer headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is a graduate from University of North Florida where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Minor in French. She enjoys international travel, arts, music, and spending time at the lake.

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