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By February 4, 2013 1 Comments

How to Deal with Scrub Stains


scrub stains travel nursesSo it’s one of those mornings and you drip coffee on your scrubs as you are walking into work.  Or maybe the afternoon starts out with your pen exploding in your pocket.  Or just maybe a messy splatter of [insert any number of bodily fluids here] makes its way onto your uniform.  No matter the story behind it, the stain is on your scrubs and  you’ve tried washing it, but it’s here to stay.  But don’t worry! Whatever discoloration you chose to accessorize your scrubs with today, there are a couple of ways to avoid flaunting your mishap.

First of all, there are some stains that are just too obvious or too large to hide!  Keep an extra set of scrubs in your locker or in your car.  You never know what could splatter on your uniform throughout the day so a backup set never hurts.  If you don’t have color requirements in your office, keep the set to a neutral color.  An extra pair of black pants, for instance, might let you keep wearing your adorable new print scrub top and only replace your damaged pants.   For the more minor accidents, you have a few other options.

Remember: A scrub jacket covers a lot.  If you brush your sleeve up against something or drip something down the front of your top you can always slip on a warm-up and button it up.  Suddenly you have a pristine uniform again and no one is the wiser.  This may also be something that you store in the back of the office closet as a just-in-case item.  Who knows- even if you never use it, you may help a co-worker one day.

Buttons, badges and stickers make GREAT patches.  Granted, this technique works better for spots on your top than on your pants, but strategically placing your nametag over a coffee drip or pinning a cheery nursing button over a highlighter mark can do wonders for your professionalism.  Pediatric nurses also suggest taking advantage of the free stickers they h and out to patients. You can hide the spot and add some flare to your uniform at the same time!

When all else fails, brush it off and explain away the stain.  Everybody makes mistakes and everybody spills and you only have to survive through the end of the day.  Patients will underst and if you stay confident and relaxed- especially if you can share a funny story with them. And if you have any other suggestions, be sure to share them- I know you’ve come up with some creative on-the-job fixes in the past! is healthcare apparel and medical scrubs store that focuses on providing high quality products and a superior customer service experience.  Scrubadoo serves both retail and wholesale purchasers and are proud partners of Cherokee, Dickies, Barco, Grey’s Anatomy and many other leading scrub br and s.

About the Author:

Eva Dixon is currently the VP of Communications at, a customer-friendly, online store for medical scrubs and nursing nursing uniforms. She is a graduate of the University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts with a degree in Global Studies and French. She enjoys traveling, free-lance photography and drinking coffee (especially in the morning!).

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  1. I have to speak from experience that stains are terrible and need immediate attention! Sprite or 7-up (well who has soda water handy?) I would buy multiples if your getting in to travel nursing and find a good cleaners nearby. Great info for real life needs on the road!

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