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Avoid Travel Nurse Burnout

Avoid Travel Nurse Burnout: Stay awake at the wheel  and  on the job.

Avoid Travel Nurse Burnout: Stay awake at the wheel and on the job.

The travel nursing industry greatly eases burnout among perm staff while also filling gaps in patient care created by an ongoing nursing shortage. But what happens when Travel Nurses themselves face burnout?

Here are a few tips you can use in order to avoid travel nurse burnout and remain sharp and happy on the road:


Coffee is a beautiful thing and we all benefit from it awesomeness. But don’t forget that there are other ways to boost your energy such as clean eating and exercise. Swap that pastry for a smoothie and you’ll be surprised at how your body will respond to the higher quality fuel. Take a spin class, and although it may tire you out at first, it will eventually increase your energy levels. Also, remember that getting enough quality sleep each night is crucial to your energy levels and brain function throughout the day. Try to get a full 8 hours, and if you can’t, go for a power nap — but be sure to keep it to 30 minutes or less for an optimum boost.

Take Care of Yourself

Be sure that you’re making time for yourself to do the things you need to do to remain healthy. You spend so much time treating and caring for others … take a moment to check in with yourself. How do you feel today? What does your body (or mind, or spirit) need to feel good today? Becoming aware of your threshold for stress and knowing when you’re hitting a wall is very helpful. Whether it is tending to a cold coming on, making time for exercise, or calling a friend back home, be sure to take good care of yourself — just as you would your patients.

Make Time for Me Time

A little time dedicated to yourself goes a long way. Everyone recharges in different ways. Some Travelers like to lay on the couch and watch TV on their day off; others want to get out and see the sights. Find whatever works best for you — yoga, hiking, a nice hot bubble bath, painting or crafting, making a playlist you love — and make time for it. And remember, regardless of your inclination when it comes to downtime, making time to explore the city you are working in is a great refresher — be sure to get out and about at some point. Even if you feel exhausted, getting out to experience something interesting and new to you can be very refreshing.

Reach Out to Others

Whether it is lunch with a colleague or a Skype session with a friend or family member, be sure you are making time to connect with other human beings outside of work. Travel Nurses expend a lot of emotional, mental, and physical energy. Connecting with another person can help restore some of that. Make sure that you are reaching out to others and maintaining and making friendships and your overall view on life will be sunnier.

What do you like to do to avoid travel nurse burnout? Share your tips with fellow Travelers in the comments.

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