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Guest Author: Shabbir Kagalwala – Benefits of Travel Nursing


high paid travel nurseNurses have been praised time and again for being the real saviors of the human race. In recent times they’ve started getting paid back for their selfless service. Here’s explaining just a few of the perks that nurses have begun to enjoy.

In their quest to attract Registered Nurses with superior track records, every Travel Nursing Agency tries to go one step further than their contemporaries in providing various benefits and perks to health care personnel, especially nurses. Due to the very widely known shortage of qualified nursing personnel, nurses such as RN’s, CNA’s, LVN’s etc. in various specialties are having a field day that they truly deserve.

The salaries offered to a travel nurse, calculated and paid in per hour intervals have literally gone through the roof. Ranging from anywhere between 30 to 50 dollars per hour a traveling nurse now makes at least 10 to 30 percent more than her permanent counterpart. The salary depends upon many factors. The location, like for example an urban location will be more paying due to the fact that it is also more costly to live in. Similarly, a rural or small town location would generally have a lower per hour salary, because it is cheaper to live there, comparatively. The salary also depends upon the seriousness of the shortage in that state / location. Due to certain factors, there are places not many nurses want to go to. So, the per hour salary is higher there, to attract nursing personnel to come and work there. The agreed upon salary is paid weekly or once in two weeks.

Some travel nursing agencies now also offer what is called a signing bonus. This is basically an amount of money that is paid to a nurse to sign the employee contract with the agency. This may either be issued immediately upon the contract signing, or on the day the nurse begins duty. Of course, differing from agency to agency, it may range from between $500 to $1500.

Travel Agencies also offer a relocation assistance and reimbursement amount to a nurse that signs up with them. This consists of but is not limited to the amount of money that a nurse would spend to move his / her belongings to the new place of work that could be on the other side of the country too. It may also include assistance to set up a complete home and life in a new place. Help with various products and services such as schools for children, car purchase, bank account opening, cable tv, internet services, telephone services, nanny services, etc.

Stay tuned for more benefits of travel nursing from Shabbir Kagalwala.

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