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Travel Nurse Housing – The “Real” costs and steps to set up temporary housing (Part 9)


Travel nurse  and  husb and  on moving dayOk, so I have been talking for a number of weeks now about the real costs of setting up a temporary furnished apartment on your own. I have been outlining this process in painstaking detail and I hope that so far those of you in the market for furnished apartments or housing see the value that using a professional company such as brings to the table (time and cost savings-25-50%) for all your temporary furnished housing needs. With more than 66 steps involved in setting up a temporary furnished apartment, leaving it to an expert is certainly the best choice. This post continues our series with steps 31-34 and outlines the set-up of electric service to your furnished apartment or home.

Step 31- Water…important aspect of your home right? Of course it is, especially if you want to cook, clean and take a shower right? Do you remember the last time you moved and had to pay a stiff deposit just to get the service turned on? Most of us vaguely remember that huge out-of-pocket cost, typically double the average monthly bill for your address location. The deposit alone can run upwards of $100 and you will most often have to fill out an application and allow the water company to run a credit check on you as well. By renting a furnished apartment that has already been set-up for you by a professional company, you eliminate the credit check and the huge deposit. Who wouldn’t want to by-pass this step? I know I would!!!

Step 32- sometimes, but not always, you will need to be there for the service to be turned on, but in the very least you have to remember to make the call and get it transferred to your name. Who has extra time during “normal working hours” to do that?

Step 33- OK, now that you have been in your furnished apartment for about a month, you receive your first bill from the water company, just another one of many that you will be receiving right about this time. Well, now you have to take the time to write another check and put it in the mail. How many checks is this now that you will be writing each month? If you had chosen to rent from a professional you most often would not even have to worry about writing a single check as most will set up automated billing for you so you and charge your credit card each month. This way you save the headache and can even earn miles or points out of the deal!! How nice would that be?

Step 34- Now your stay is complete and you are ready to leave and move on to your next assignment. You will need to remember to call the water company and schedule the disconnect and you will also need a good forwarding address for the final bill to be sent to…but wait, do you even know where you will be going next yet? Oh, the headaches continue… Who wants to do all this when you are focused on getting out of there and on to your next assignment?

It all sounds so simple when you say “Oh, I’ll just do it myself and save money” but when you think about these steps and the other 66+, it really is a lot to do. I don’t know about you, but I can certainly think of other ways to spend my time when on a temporary assignment. Call a professional and let them find the perfect furnished apartment for your needs and your budget. Stay tuned for the next post!

Dan Gorman is a Certified Corporate Housing Professional member and an expert in the field of furnished housing for traveling nurses.  Please visit or for more information about furnished apartments and travel nurse housing solutions or email at

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