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Scrubadoo’s News: Wash Your Shoes!


travel nurse washing shoesWant to throw your shoes in the wash? Dickies medical just recently placed the bet that you do!

Not too long ago Crocs came bursting onto the scene. Guess what one of their selling points was? The shoes are easily washed. Talk about convenience, especially for the nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals that helped make their br and incredibly popular. Crocs accomplished this feet by producing their shoes out of what Crocs refers to as “Croslite” material (basically a high-tech plastic) that is, amongst other things, washable.

If for some reason you don’t like Crocs, or one of the many very similar products that have since entered the market, but you still want a shoe that can be washed there are very few options. Sure, canvas shoes are washable, but they are also incredibly porous and you probably don’t want the same stuff you are going to wash off of your shoes to seep down onto your socks and feet! The only other real option for shoes that protect you from spills is leather, but leather shoes aren’t really washable, are they?

Apparently, they are now. Dickies Medical, the same people that make Dickies scrubs, just recently released their new footwear line, complete with both men’s and women’s nursing shoes. There are 7 new styles in total (3 won’t be out until March) and one of the most interesting features of each shoe is a machine washable leather upper. This is the first leather shoe we have ever carried that you can literally throw in the wash. We have yet to test them ourselves, but Dickies is certainly advertising it.

If you prefer the comfort and feel of a tennis shoe but really like the convenience of a washable material, these new shoes are definitely worth a shot. If you get something on them, toss them in the wash and see what happens. Once you do, drop us a line and let us know how they end up!

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