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Scrubadoo’s News: Scrub Terminology


scrubsThere are a ton of medical scrubs out there these days. We are talking 1,000’s of different styles, cuts, colors, br and s, etc, etc, etc. It is becoming more and more difficult to wade through all of the options and pick out exactly what you are looking for. On top of this, scrub manufacturers are constantly changing materials, descriptions, and adding new terminology to the scrub buying process. Here are a few common “scrub term’s,” and tips that may help you better underst and exactly what you are getting into!

Brushed Cotton

When looking at the material your scrubs are made out of any scrubs that have “brushed” in the description are going to be extra soft to the touch.


A new fad in scrubs is to make products that have some “flex” or “stretch” associated with them. These scrubs tend to have a some sp and ex in their material mix (usually less than 10%). This material addition adds a little bit of stretchiness to the products. You will almost always see a term in the product name that makes the products with this feature obvious.

Color Codes

Making sure your tops and bottoms match is always a gamble (especially when you buy scrubs online!). Navy scrubs from Br and X typically will be a slightly different shade than Navy Scrubs from br and Z. Three quick tips to make sure you always match:

  • Always buy sets from the same br and .
  • Even if you buy the same br and , colors will not always match. If the material is different, there is a good chance that the colors will be off slightly. To be safe, buy sets from the same line.
  • When in doubt check the “color code” it is usually a 3 letter code “WHZ” for example may st and for white. If the color code is the same it should always be a perfect match.


Several br and s are now coming out with anti-microbial scrubs. These uniforms are treated and can help fend off germs. They tend to be a little pricier but can help keep you from spreading germs!


These are just a few of the many terms that you may see in product descriptions when searching for scrubs online. If you happen to come across something you aren’t familiar with ask! We would be more than happy to help!

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