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Travel Nurse Housing – The “Real” costs/steps in setting up own temporary furnished apartment (part 12)


travel nurse sick of doing laundry at laundry matFor those who have been following this series about the real costs of setting up your own furnished apartment, you know by now that it could really become a serious time constraint issue as well as cost prohibitive to do all these things on your own, especially if you have to repeat the process every 13 weeks as you move to your next temporary nurse assignment. So far we have covered all the steps to securing the right apartment and turning on all the services; but now comes the fun part…setting the place up to live in. In the last post I discussed the steps to finding, ordering and setting up furniture, but what about the washer and dryer?  Oh yes, something we all take for granted sometimes because in our homes we all have them right?  But when you rent an apartment, most do not come with a washer and dryer, so if you don’t want to use public services to wash your clothes, you will need to follow the steps below…

Step 45- To find an appliance rental company with reasonable rates is not easy.  Most of the rent to own stores, whether they are local or national br and s, will charge an arm and a leg for a washer and dryer, just as with everything else they rent.  So you will need to call several and price them all out.  You will find that most of these companies will require that you sign a minimum 6 month lease agreement, or they will charge you an additional short term fee for shorter periods.  If your assignment is only for 13 weeks, this will not work for you.  Oh, I forgot to mention the credit checks and deposits as well that will again be required!!!

Step 46- Let’s say you found a rental  company to rent to you for 13 weeks, or you are paying the short-term premium fees, you will now need to be present when the washer and dryer is delivered and set up.  If you are in transition from one assignment to the next, or you are making the arrangements prior to arrival hoping to move right in when you get to your new location, this would be a problem that would require more steps to solve.

Step 47- Ok, you have successfully completed the previous two steps and have now been in your furnished apartment for about a month and your first bill from the appliance rental company arrives.  Once again, you find that the number of bills you have now accumulated and need to pay each month just keeps growing.  Just think about all the time you need to spend making sure that each bill is correct, then processing and paying each one every month.  Multiply this by several different assignments each year and you have used hours upon hours of your valuable time doing something that is just not any fun at all, right? Remember, just a single check or even automated billing is all you need when using a professional furnished apartment company to do this for you.

Step 48- What happens if you have an issue with one of the appliances?  Well, there are now a couple more steps and lots of time for you to get the issue resolved.  First you will need to call and make arrangements to have a repair person visit your apartment.  Once you have made an appointment, you will need to make arrangements during normal business hours to either be there in person, which means now you have lost time at work earning your living. When working with a furnished apartment company, they will take responsibility and have someone there in person for the repair, which means no worries for you and no time away from work (or pleasure on your day off).

Step 49- Now your stay is nearing completion, you will need to make arrangements to have the appliances picked up.  Most rental companies will require as much as a 14-30 day notice to schedule this pick-up, which means you will need to be certain of your departure time-line well in advance of it actually happening. I know that this may be difficult to do as you often get extensions either by a few days or few weeks, and things happen that could force you to change your arrangements.  On the day of pick-up you will also need to be there in person.  What another waste of time right?

It all sounds so simple when you say “Oh, I’ll just do it myself and save money” but when you think about these steps and the other 66+, it really is a lot to do. I don’t know about you, but I can certainly think of other ways to spend my time when on a temporary assignment. Call a professional and let them find the perfect furnished apartment for your needs and your budget. Stay tuned for the next post!

Dan Gorman is a Certified Corporate Housing Professional member and an expert in the field of furnished housing for traveling nurses.  Please visit or for more information about furnished apartments and travel nurse housing solutions or email at

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