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Nurses Give Back with Bedtime Backpacks

The nurses of Bedtime Backpacks threw on their scrubs  and  geared up to help out in tornado-torn Oklahoma.

The nurses of Bedtime Backpacks threw on their scrubs to help out in tornado-torn Oklahoma.

Over the last few weeks, the state of Oklahoma has been torn apart by violent tornadoes that have flattened houses, destroyed schools, and crushed businesses, leaving families str and ed, missing loved ones and in need of help to heal and move forward. Amidst all this tragedy is a nurse’s number one time to shine. Out of the wreckage has stepped a group of caring and motivated nurses from Alabama who put on their scrubs and tied up their laces to lend a h and to those in need by starting a group called “Bedtime Backpacks.”

Originally started when the state of Alabama was struck by a similar natural disaster tragedy in 2011, Bedtime Backpacks is a young organization that fills backpacks full of different essentials and goodies for str and ed children and families. The effort is a huge help in getting kids and their families through tough times — both through the materials donated and the effect of knowing others cared enough to help out. Items vary from anything from toothbrushes and clean underwear to coloring books and stuffed animals and are catered to families with infants, children, and teenagers.

According to their Facebook page they are seeking, “small backpacks/totes containing PJs/gown, underwear/panties/diapers (for 2T and under), toothbrush and toothpaste, a small hairbrush, a stuffed animal, and small book.” Beyond that they say you can “use your imagination and add other age appropriate items such as, ponytail holders, sippy cups, flip flops, sunscreen, deodorant, small snacks, etc. Anything you can help with will be appreciated.” They also recently added baby bags and teen totes to their wish list, asking that those donating include age appropriate items.

This vibrant and caring organization is founded by a great group of nurses that knows personally how it feels to lose everything and how important even small gestures of hope can be. If you are interested in learning more about Bedtime Backpacks or helping in their efforts in Oklahoma, visit their Facebook page.

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