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By April 9, 2014 2 Comments

Travel Nurse Taxes

Never Surrender: Don't get buried by your Travel Nurse taxes!

Never Surrender: Don’t get buried by your Travel Nurse taxes!

The April 15 deadline for filing federal taxes is swiftly approaching. Travel Nurse taxes can seem a bit daunting especially if you are just starting out and it’s your first year mastering getting them filed.

Here are some tips for h and ling your 2013 Travel Nurse taxes:

Get an Extension

If you are just now thinking about filing your 2013 taxes, my best advice for you is to file for an extension. Like most things, getting it done right trumps getting it done right now. This is SO true when it comes to filing your taxes. And don’t worry, the old rumor that if you file late you are inviting an audit is not true!

Round Up Your Paperwork

Hopefully you have been saving all your receipts and tracking your mileage, for example. (If not, there’s no better time than now to start doing so for next year!)

You want to have any receipts related to your work as well as your travel contracts h and y. Receipts for meals, fuel, housing, and other job-related costs can be eligible for deduction. Save everything in an organized manner and you are setting yourself for an easier process and a larger return.

Learn From an Expert

Especially your first year or two filing taxes as a Travel Nurse I would highly recommend that you consult with an expert — if not have them file your taxes for you.

*The* expert in this particular realm is Joseph C. Smith at Even outside of the tax-filing crunch, Travel Tax offers a lot of great pointers and resources that can help you track your monthly expenses year-round so the idea of filing your Travel Nurse taxes isn’t so daunting. Travel Tax also offers a fantastic and thorough FAQ section as reference.

Rarick Kobaly is another Travel Nurse tax specialist that caters to a Travel Nurse’s unique tax-filing needs.

Bottom Line

Don’t panic. You will get the hang of tax home vs. permanent residence, and other such hot topics regarding Travel Nurse taxes. Definitely don’t let the idea of filing psych you out. You’ve got this!

Good luck with your 2013 filings, and please share any tips you may have for filing Travel Nurse taxes in the comments.

The tax information contained on and from any communication related to this blog is for information purposes only. Please consult with your personal accountant or tax preparers for any matters concerning your own income taxes.

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Hi, I'm Sarah Wengert, a creative content writer for the amazing Medical Solutions based in Omaha, Nebraska. While I'm not a travel nurse, I love to travel and I truly appreciate the hard, important work that nurses do. I'm very happy to represent a company that cares so much about its people. Thanks for reading!

2 Comments on "Travel Nurse Taxes"

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  1. Dee


    I just want to say that I worked in 2 no state tax stets, Washington and Texas, Texas being my permanent home. I was hot with taxes from New Mexico and no matter what I did or said they sent this to collections. Try not to be discouraged by IRS bullying, just continue to keep good records, keep communications open and be diligent. I have proof I lived in Washington at the time with a drivers licence and home address. I also had to prove my Texas residency and they overlapped when I travelled to New Mexico.

    It is one uncomfortable moment in my travel nurse experience, but I am hoping with continued correspondence with the IRS, this will be rectified soon!

  2. Sarah Wengert


    Dee, you are SO correct that the answer here is to keep good records, communicate well, and be diligent! Travel Nurses should always keep all of their paperwork, organized and handy. It sounds like you are doing everything right and keeping a great attitude to boot 🙂 Good luck!

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