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Video Games, Acne, Jersey Shore and Travel Nursing – Traveling with teenagers


Before we get into the more specifics of being a travel nurse with a teenager be sure to read these two more specific articles about Travel Nursing with your spouse or significant other  and Travel nursing with your family: Two parents and children.

Obviously the decision to begin travel nursing with your family is something every nurse must make for themselves and may not be for every family, just like travel nursing is not for every nurse. Some of the benefits taking your teenager (either still in high school or just graduated) with you is that will help them grow as people through the experience are: 

  • a travel nurse's teenage son  and  his friendsThe chance to experience new cultural experiences
  • Get to see the country up close
  • See where they may want to go to college for more than a weekend
  • Change their learning environment (home school or even a new school depending on the length of the assignment) if they are struggling
  • Opportunity to grow closer to you ( and your spouse) as you share this adventure together
  • One awesome summer vacation (for free)
  • The chance to get them away from a bad environment in your current hometown
  • Graduate early and get a jump start on college depending on their age

This is a great option if you are already homeschooling your teenager or you may find that travel nursing with your teenager means that you need to start homeschooling them to get them to graduation. Either way here are some resources to help you do that while you are traveling.

Homeschool Resources

A lot of this decision depends on your teenagers activities in school, ability to stay out of trouble, adapt to new situations and their social skills and maturity level, so sit down and discuss it with them. And remember it does not have to be a permanent thing. It could just be for the summer. But what an awesome summer it could be for them and you. It could be one of the last chances you have to spend a lot of time together and bond before they are all grown up and starting off on their own adventure.

What experiences have you had traveling with your teenagers? Have your travel nursing companies been helpful?

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