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Travel nursing with your family: Two parents and children


In later posts we will look more closely at the challenges and benefits that travel nursing with children at different ages can present, but right now we will look at the general idea of being a a travel nursing family (where two parents travel with one or more children).

First off, don’t worry about whether you will be able to find housing for your family. Good travel nursing companies are going to be more than happy to help you find housing for your family.

Also don’t worry about insurance, most travel nursing companies provide the same family policies as permanent positions, so your family will be covered, just make sure you find this out up front with your recruiter. You will hatravel nurse  and  familyve to get good at finding local pediatricians and family doctors more often if you travel depending on how and where you schedule your assignments, but the actual insurance will be provided. Make sure you check with your recruiter for all the details of your policy so there are no surprises.

[pullquote]traveling with your family is a great way help your children grow to be well rounded and  let them the experience a world that some people only dream about[/pullquote]

With that out the way, traveling with your family is a great way help your children grow to be well rounded and  let them the experience a world that some people only dream about. It sounds cheesy, but they will be exposed to new places, people and cultures in ways you can never see during the typical family vacation.

If you have already decided to travel with your children some things you will need to work out are:

  • Childcare – Will you need daycare? Will you be able to schedule your work around your children’s schedules? Or will your spouse be able to stay with them? (read the Travel Nursing with your spouse or significant other for advice on scheduling assignments as a couple)
  • Education – Will you need to research the schools in the area your traveling to and  plan your assignments around your kids school year? Or are you planning on homeschooling?
  • Permanence – How long do you want to do this? Just one assignment a year? A permanent lifestyle? Just until your kids start school?

The planning you will have to do really comes down to three things all of which depend on the age of your children:

  • Timing – When to take assignments
  • Location – How far to go from home
  • Duration – Number of assignments or assignment length

Pre-planning and staying on top of your next assignments is going to be key. We will be talking more about how to plan traveling opportunities depending on the age of your children in upcoming posts in this series so subscribe to this blog to see upcoming articles that will discuss:

  • Travel Nursing with teenagers
  • Travel Nursing with young children
  • Travel Nursing with school-aged children
  • Travel Nursing with a mixed generation family

Here are some more resources you may find helpful:

What about those of you that are traveling with your families? What advice do you have?
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