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By April 17, 2015 1 Comments

Radamenes the Amazing Nurse Cat


Here’s a great story for animal lovers as well as compassionate types everywhere.

Meet Radamenes the Amazing Nurse Cat.Radamenes Polish Nurse Cat

He was delivered to an animal shelter in Bydgoszcz, Pol and suffering from a severe upper respiratory infection and in pretty rough condition. When he arrived the vets who first saw him didn’t have much hope for his recovery and considered putting him down to end his suffering. But, when Radamenes began to purr they recognized his will to survive and began treatment.

Radamenes Polish Nurse CatOnce Radamenes was up and around, feeling healthier and stronger, he began to make friends with other animals at the shelter. The staff said they started to notice that Radamenes was especially warmhearted towards animals who were in immediate recovery from major surgeries and other procedures. He dotes on these animals; visiting to help clean, hug, and cuddle them, and sometimes he even gives them massages!Radamenes Polish Nurse Cat

The vets at the shelter say Radamenes has become their mascot and they joke that he’s a full-time nurse. He certainly does display the compassionate care that nurses are known for.

Radamenes Polish Nurse CatWhether through his own experience with recovery or perhaps on some other level, he seems to underst and the importance to recovery and the overall comfort of a loving touch and presence for those who are ill.

Way to pay it forward, Radamenes the amazing nurse cat! You make nurses everywhere proud.

Ram nurse Cat 5Have you ever had an animal help “nurse” you or another of your pets back to health? Share your story in the comments.

Image credits: TNV Meteo

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