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Nurses Review Halloween Nurse Costumes

Nurses Review Halloween Nurse Costumes

This nurse was one of several nurses to review Halloween nurse costumes in a recent BuzzFeed video. See the video below to find out what they thought! (Photo: BuzzFeed)

It’s Halloween time again, and that means scary movies, haunted houses, c and y galore, and , of course, nurse costumes that look nothing like what actual nurses actually wear!

In honor of the proliferation of sexy, sassy, flimsy Halloween nurse costumes, BuzzFeed decided to have some real nurses review Halloween nurse costumes. The group tries on several different Halloween nurse get-ups and we get to find out what they think of them. A couple of the nurses start by saying that what they wear to work is “very comfortable” and “not sexy at all,” before trying on several of the costumes.

A few choice quotes from the dress-up portion of the video include:

“This is an old thermometer. You know how long that’ll take to take someone’s temperature in the ER?”

“It just screams hospital, but diner. I’m confused.”

“If I were to ever wear this in the hospital and if I got any bodily fluids on me, it would go straight through.”

“Do people really wear this for Halloween?”

But in the end, it’s the looks on their faces that really tell the story! Check out this video to see nurses review Halloween nurse costumes.

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